Pregnancy Exposure Riskline

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Pregnancy Exposure Riskline


If you are worried that medicines, alcohol or chemicals may have hurt your unborn baby, call the Pregnancy Exposure Riskline and get free, confidential information from a caring health care professional.  This service is for all North Carolinians including mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, social workers and parents wanting to adopt a child.  This service is provided by MothertoBaby North Carolina Teratogen Information Service and Fullerton Genetics Center at Mission Hospitals, who are members of MotherToBaby, a service of the non-profit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists, is dedicated to providing evidence-based information to mothers, health care professionals, and the general public about medications and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Alcohol and other harmful exposures, known as teratogens are defined as any agent, substance or occurrence which can induce abnormalities in the developing embryo or fetus.

Prenatal exposure to teratogens can cause:

  • Premature birth
  • Pre & postnatal growth retardation
  • Physical malformations
  • Cognitive and behavioral problems

Other  teratogens to be avoided during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Drugs
  • Heat (Hot Tubs)
  • Environmental Exposures (Lead)
  • Radiation (X-rays)
  • Some Prescription Medications (Phenytoin, Valproic Acid, Methotrexate)

Maternal Conditions of concern include:

  • Maternal Disease (Maternal Diabetes)
  • Maternal Infection (Rubella)